The law firm of JENNINGS TEAGUE works in a wide range of transportation defense cases.  Their attorneys have defended trucking firms, insurers and manufacturers against personal injury claims and product liability complaints.  These attorneys are often summoned within hours of an accident as part of a company’s “first strike” team, providing assistance, advice, interviewing and negotiating skills and local perspective in cases where litigation is anticipated.

When cases are filed, JENNINGS TEAGUE lawyers bring years of experience in defending drivers, companies and insurers against claims of personal injury and wrongful death.

Expertise in investigation, discovery, assessment and evaluation of injury claims, coverage disputes, regulation, freight claims and environmental claims is crucial to the transportation case.  JENNINGS TEAGUE understands the unique climate surrounding transportation cases and interrelated insurance issues, and offers unparalleled service to its transportation clients in all of these areas.

The firm maintains an extensive network of experts and consultants that understand the unique issues involved in transportation litigation.  JENNINGS TEAGUE attorneys combine these assets, and their own team of experienced litigators, to provide efficient, and above all, effective representation.

The attorneys at JENNINGS TEAGUE have the legal skill and technical resources required to successfully manage even the most complex transportation litigation in both state and federal court.